About the Studio

The Studio

New Life Taxidermy is a professional, award-winning taxidermy studio that caters to our clients' every desire in creating the perfect mount of your prized trophies. We use only the finest quality materials and methods with an emphasis on symmetry and detail while crafting a personalized work of art that honors not only your trophy, but also the God that created it. Using our state of the art techniques and your imagination, there is almost no limit to the variety of poses and compositions available to the discriminating sportsman or sportswoman. We also mount our clients' trophies with unsurpassed anatomical accuracy and natural habitat settings which capture the true essence of wildlife behavior. Combine all of that with professional, personalized service and the result is more than just a mount. We deliver a one of a kind piece of wildlife art, designed especially for you, that will proudly display your hunting or fishing accomplishments for years to come.


We focus our taxidermy services on creating world-class bird mounts. We also offer a variety of other services including tanning, skull mounts, antler mounts, and mount appraisals. In addition, we also offer one-on-one, intensive bird taxidermy training for both beginner and seasoned taxidermists. In order to focus more attention on our bird taxidermy, we no longer offer gamehead or lifesize mammal mounts. Should you need services that we do not offer, we will gladly refer you to a well-qualified taxidermist that will produce the quality that our customers demand.

The Artist

New Life Taxidermy is owned and operated by James Parrish. James attended North Carolina State University, where he earned a B.S. in Science Education and B.A. in Chemistry. Following his education at North Carolina State, James received education in the taxidermy arts from Johnston Community College, Piedmont Community College, and Surry Community College. Through his formal education and his independent study of wildlife, James has been able to achieve a level of artistry that few can claim. James has won multiple blue ribbons and other prestigious awards at state and regional competitions, allowing him to attain the status of master bird taxidermist. Through his involvement in professional and conservation organizations, such as the North Carolina Taxidermist Association, Delta Waterfowl, and Ducks Unlimited, James has become a respected member of the hunting community and the taxidermy industry.

Whether you live in the Raleigh, NC area or across the country, New Life Taxidermy is here to serve you. We have mounted a wide variety of trophies for clients from various states including Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Virginia, and South Carolina. We have never met many of these clients face to face, yet they trust New Life Taxidermy with their trophies because of our reputation for providing top quality wildlife art with industry-leading customer care. If you are not satisfied with your current service, please give us a call. Try New Life Taxidermy and you will see for yourself the difference our quality wildlife art adds to your trophy room.

We are professionally licensed by the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
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